Columbia Fresh Packing Services

Whether you are a grower looking for a smaller, more personal experience, a seller looking for a repacking facility, or a packing shed looking for assistance in pre-sizing your fruit, you’ve come to the right place!

Who We Are

At Columbia Fresh Produce we have spent a number of years working with packing facilities throughout the United States and Canada to bring our customers the best quality product. These relationships are now stronger than ever, and we continue to pride ourselves in the quality that we represent through these various partnerships.

As we continued to grow, we took the step to invest capital, knowledge, and a whole lot of elbow grease into our own packing facility. This opportunity would allow us to pack our own orchard-grown fruit, as well as work with growers around Eastern Washington, packing their fruit with the same service and support we've built our reputation on.

In January of 2014, we officially opened Columbia Fresh Packing, LLC.

What We Can Do

While we are well versed in packing apples and pears, we are able to pack a variety of other items, including potatoes and onions. Our system is designed to float fruit down a flume, or dry dump non-floating and packaged product right onto the sorting line.

We pack Into

  • 3 LB, 5 LB & 10 LB Bags
  • Volume Filled Boxes
  • Tray Packed Boxes
  • Plastic, Wood, and Cardboard Bins
  • And more...

We look forward to servicing you in any way we can!