Packing fresh oranges & apples in 5-pound bags

This week we received orders for bagged fruit for two food banks. One load of apples packed in 5# bags and placed in 120 count bins. The other order was for apples and oranges both packed in 5# bags and placed inside tri-wall cardboard bins. The orders are packed fresh to order so we can deliver the best possible quality for hunger relief.Oranges1

Fresh California oranges are washed for use at the packing shed bagging them into 5# bags for hunger relief. These oranges will be delivered to the Food Bank of Alaska in Anchorage! Their order will consist of 30 bins (120 bags in each bin) of oranges and 30 bins of 5# bagged Washington State apples giving the food bank a nice variety for the hunger relief agencies that they serve.


Below are the actual Red Delicious apples used to prepare their order.  The bags are packed by hand and placed inside (3-ply) cardboard bins for easy handling and storage at the food bank.


Below is the finished product for the Food Bank of Alaska! The 5# bags resemble what you might typically find inside a grocery store that allows the food bank agencies to offer fresh produce that is easy to recognize by agency recipients.  An important issue when serving our nation's hungry.


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  • matt1237

    I love all the pics... thanks for sharing!