Fresh tasting sweet corn available year-round!

We are excited to be representing a new sweet corn with a great, fresh taste for the food service industry.  The sweet corn, available in 6-inch or 3-inch long cobs, is pre-cooked and vacuumed packed, offering an amazing long shelf life when kept refrigerated.


The sweet corn variety is bi-colored (yellow and white kernels mixed) offering great visual appeal versus a typical all yellow variety cob.  "You will not believe the taste of this corn as compared to frozen products offered today," comments Dewight Hall, owner of Columbia Fresh Produce.


The corn will be displayed and sampled at the upcoming Atlanta Food Service Expo on October 19 and 20, at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, GA.  "We cannot wait to introduce this great new product to the food service buyers at the show," offered Dewight Hall, Director of Business Development at Columbia Fresh.  "The taste of this sweet corn and the crispness of the kernel is no comparison to what the industry is using today.  I know buyers will be very interested in this great-tasting and easy-to-use product," he added.


The corn is grown in some of the richest vegetable growing regions of North America.  The corn offers not only a consistent size, it also has simple and fast warming preparation times, allowing users to prepare what is needed quickly.  Warming can be done via microwave, steam tables, boiling, or grilling.  Since the product is pre-cooked, it only needs to be brought to serving temperature.



The variety of uses this corn offers extends beyond a side dish or entree complement to include appetizers and small plate menus.  Columbia Fresh is looking forward to presenting this great product as an alternative in the fresh food category.


For additional information, contact Dewight Hall at Columbia Fresh via email: or by phone: (877) 968-9067.

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