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Columbia Fresh Produce Inc.

Whether it's 10 pallets or 10 truckloads, we can meet your produce needs. Through a rich history of relationships with growers around the country, coupled with fruit from our own orchards, we are able to offer a well-rounded variety of fresh produce options.

By partnering with growers, packers and our own trucking company, Columbia Fresh Transportation Services, we are able to streamline the process of moving fresh fruits and vegetables from the farm to you in efficient ways that keep the produce fresh and affordable.

The Salvation Army

Columbia Fresh Produce Inc. is proud of the efforts made by individuals on our team, and as a company, to assist with the work of non-profit agencies in our region.  Our most recent partnership is very close to our hearts, through a developing relationship with The Salvation Army. Learn more about what Columbia Fresh Produce is doing to fight hunger.